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Basic bR Hedging

type_autoconfig developer


The idea is to use the built-in pSar indicator to determine the trend we should follow and determine our "Main Course" when pSar signal for BTC is up we sell and profit when is down we buy and accumulate.

This strategy is for BTC vs USDT, the bot could/will use other bases to profit or accumulate from, but the end result will be more BTC or USDT depending on pSar signal

The strategy is configured and coins added/filtered for Binance if you're using this exchange just add your info and fire the bot, but you can always configure other exchanges/coins/filters...

Only one "gain/gain" strategy is used in this config, if any stage fails, the bot will keep firing until solved

I would recommend using this strategy as it is, once you understand what it does then fine-tune to your liking

You can read more about bitRage Hedging at

WARNING This strategy will "Panic-Sell" at Market all your coins back to Main Base, when sPar signal reverses, either to BTC or USDT. You can consider this as a form of Stop Loss/Reset or Take Profit whichever the case might be for your particular position at the time.

Disclaimer bitRage is still in beta, I'm not claiming any profits with this strategy, all params are up to date, but if new params are needed in the future I will do my best to update.

Note for the User

Please bear in mind that this config does not include the "Exchanges" section, which has to be added manually or through the GUI by you before starting the bot.