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BR Gain Strat

type_autoconfig developer


bitRage Strategy for Kucoin, added coins, DU, simple gain, all basic params are set to go, this config will help you to get started and find arbitrage opportunities with bR,

As a disclaimer: I'm making no claims of profits with this strat, the idea is to get your bot running, then you can customize or tune it you your liking.

This is a bitRage config file with a 2 basic gain/gain strategies, one for bR (gain) and the other one for Gunbot to take care of any bag created in the process (bagStrat)

The idea is simple, the bagStrat uses DU to average down in case the price of the coin falls (read more about Handling Bags in Gunbot Wiki) Keep in mind that every time the price falls down and hit the set % the bot will buy more of that particular coin.

There are already coins selected and is based on Kucoin exchange, of course, you can change what you want, but is ready to go for Kucoin if you just add your info. There are also filtered coins/pairs and base but you can add/remove at your choice.

The trading limit is around $5 equivalent in BTC and Minimum Volume to Buy/to Sell is set in BTC, you will need to change to USDT if you choose to do so.

Please bear in mind that bitRage is still in beta stage and some changes could be added to the final product, I will do my best to reflect any new change needed.

Please Use this config just as is set up, just add your Info, once you know what it does then proceed to tune it at your choice, If you have any Questions just let me know in the MarketPlace Room

Note for the User: Please bear in mind that this config does not include the "Exchanges" section, which has to be added manually or through the GUI by you before starting the bot.