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🔒 Positive ROE trails stops autoconfig – setup for binance futures

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This has been condensed to a single autoconfig and a single job. When > 5-10 ROE, breakeven is set at 4 (fees are 1 ROE) At additional points, it will add additional hard stops. There are no overlaps to ensure you don't have a cross from one ROE range to another. When you're out of an order, this will reset your stoploss as normal. All of this can be configured as noted. Now it became a multi functional complete fully Automated addon with few protection and tuning functions inside:

So, gunbot trailing has many forms and I have customized it accordingly. What I enabled was a positive stoploss through autoconfig jobs. As setup, it will work across Binance Futures all pairs, and is specifically for Market Maker.. I've validated this on versions going back to 20, and it works going forward.

What this will do

Force a hard positive stoploss so that you don't go negative. This is specifically set for 10x and 20x margins specifically, so you need to add about 50% to every ROE value if you want 50x from 20x.  I recommend setting:


within your strategy so that this triggers quickly. This strategy will also disable ROE Scalper to close a trade and re-enable

This will also reset your stoploss value after you're out of a trade.  So long as you can get to 5-10 ROE, you will never have a negative trade if it goes green. I'll add a separate trail later.

Example trade


Example of what this looks like from gui

So, this was set at 70 ROE and it was set to close if it crossed under 60. Which it did.

Console version