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🔒 ARS – Intelligent trend ALGO

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Anti Rekt Script addon for Gunbot MarketMaker (for Futures MM ONLY).

Fully Automated, auto scaling intelligent addon for full control and auto adjustment of GB settings for MM Strategies.

Now it became a multi functional complete fully Automated addon with few protection and tuning functions inside:

  1. Liquidation Spread protection
  2. Auto Pairs scanning (with auto replace pairs)
  3. Auto TL calculation
  4. Pump and Dump Protection
  5. Trend Protection index
  6. Side Market detection Index
  7. SR/ROE/Trailing/Exchange Delay auto switching
  8. Isolated Leverage Protection (for Kraken Futures, Binance Futures and Kumex)
  9. Simple Installer
  10. Full automation with Risk Level Presets
  11. and many more


  1. Pre-configured Risk Levels and ARS Installer as a plug and play: insert API keys and start installer will download and configure both Gunbot and ARS - thats it.
  2. Auto Configure and scale all options (like Trading Limit/Dynamic DCA Spread, ROE, e.t.c)
  3. Backtesting TV scripts for Pump Dump Protection, Trend and Market strength indexes (to tune the variables for non standard pairs)
  4. TG Support group
  5. Advanced TG alerts
  6. own Wiki
  7. Direct support and 1:1 remote assistance if needed


This Addon requires licensing, please contact me on Telegram ( or Uri ( after your purchase to get your license activated for ARS and get into Telegram ARS support group.

Example trades

Last examples of trading with ARS (initial wallet size is 3k USDT):

trading chart with ARS