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Anti Rekt Script addon for GB MM.

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Anti Rekt Script addon for Gunbot MarketMaket (for Margin MM ONLY).

This script was born from a necessity of having some sort of safety for the Gunbot MarketMaker add-on. The script pulls all of the data it needs from the gunbot jsons as required, and then writes changes to your gunbot config.js file.

The initial reason to create a script for Market Maker is to have some more control over position size so we don’t let it grow when close to liquidation price. There was a calculation of liquidation spread and a full stop buy/sells when the defined limit is reached. The liquidation spread is a delta % between the current price and the liquidation price.

Now it became a multi functional addon with few protection and tuning functions inside:

  1. Liquidation Spread protection
  2. Small Position Killer
  3. Auto TL calculation
  4. Pump and Dump Protection
  5. Passive Position Protection index
  6. Side Market detection with UTA switching
  7. SR/ROE/Trailing/Exchange Delay auto switching
  8. Isolated Leverage Protection (for Kraken Futures, Binance Futures and Kumex)

Comes with:

  1. Pre-configured configs for GB MM as a plug and play: Copy config templates, insert API keys and start ARS – thats it.
  2. Auto Configure and scale options like MAX Buys/Sell, Trading Limit
  3. Backtesting TV scripts for PDP and PPP functions (to tune the variables for non standard pairs)
  4. TG Support group
  5. Advanced TG alerts
  6. Users Guide

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History Statistics

Customer GB Dashboard:

Customers Graph

This Addon requires licensing, please contact me on Telegram ( after your purchase to get your license activated for ARS and get into TG support group.

9 reviews for ARS Addon for Market Maker

  1. T G

    Don’t think twice!
    The only script that will save you from getting rekkt while using the MM, uses so much smart and complicated logic to maximize your profits.
    And not even mentioning the personal support that BestnaF provides. One of the best services I’ve ever got after buying a crypto service.
    Well done!

  2. Kryptonier

    Great work from a good guy. This script is meanwhile way more the just “don’t get rekt”… This saved me not only one time from rekt but also with the ability to switch the config.js according to the current market is one of the best Investments if ever made in cryptospace…

  3. Million_2.0

    Easy to install. You can start immediately with the current setup. Living up to its name. You can‘t get rekt and you make profit. Perfect for noobs.

  4. Matesensei

    Matesensei (verified owner)

    Excellent support from an excellent professional guy. A truly automated trading robot is realized with ARS. It was a really good investment.

  5. AlefCU


    This Addon is actually a life saver!
    On top of that, the developer is hands on to help and actually a cool guy.
    This is a Must Have when using MM in Gunbot. Can´t thank you enough, because this totally makes a difference in my trading performance.
    Great work!

  6. rnahlawi


    Amazing program and a wallet saver, support is great as well.
    Highly recommended for full automated MM GunBot.

  7. Kebo

    Kebo (verified owner)

    This is amazing ARS, small position killer. The best config in sideways market.
    Thank you so much for your effort.

  8. Crwth


    This is an awesome add-on for your Gunbot MM.

  9. Sketchy

    Sketchy (verified owner)

    I’ve been Gunbotting since v7.0. This is one time I have gone all in on a project, and it paid off, my funds have never been safer from my own errors. I made back my investment in 2 weeks. And I can report a gain of 21% over the month of March. This script simplifies and stabilises my GB & MM experience, with the automated settings and leverage safeties in place, this is a truly set and forget solution. I have made some human Rekt errors in my time, this is a hands off! No Rekt Add-on. The support from BestNAF is top shelf and the updates keep in step with Gunbot’s ever advancing improvements, so won’t be left behind like Zeno did. I look forward to the what the ARS future holds :]

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