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Ready to go config.js and autoconfig.json for automated BTC-alt trading on Binance. Insert your API key/secret and start trading.

This setup is an attempt to trade many altcoins with a single set of settings, without human interaction.

How does it work?

This setup automatically selects and removes trading pairs, trading pairs only once before they are removed again.
The idea is to have a fully automated setup for BTC-alt trading that trades relatively frequently (in tests, about 10 times per day) and only focusses on small trades with around 0.5% to 2% profit per trade.

The setup consists of a config.js and autoconfig.json file, which do the following (summarized):

– Adds & removes pairs, mainly based on their direction in the past 12h
– Disables buying on all pairs when USDT-BTC is moving up or down more than average in the last hour
– Changes some settings based on the DCA phase: when DCA started it increases the buydown for the second DCA order, the strategy sell criteria are set to a minimal 0.1% gain once DCA is completed.

– Contains only one preconfigured trading strategy, based on buy trailing and stochrsi selling. It’s very basic but does its job.

After first running it, expect to wait 12h before the first trading pairs are added!


Test results

During unattended tests BTC portfolio value increased about 10% in a bit more than 3 weeks time. The price of USDT-BTC increased more than 10% during this time. Trades did stagnate at a few days after bigger BTC moves, but in the end bags were always recovered and trading continued slow and steady.

(chart gets a bit choppy due to the restarts autoconfig causes)



Gunbot version
Make sure you are on a stable Gunbot v16 version.

Make sure your account is cleaned up. Try to remove any open orders and sell all altcoins prior to running this setup.

The setup requires a BTC starting balance of 20 to 25 times the trading limit as defined in the “experimental” strategy.
When you do not change the default trading limit of 0.005 BTC, make sure to have between 0.1 and 0.12 BTC available in your account.

If you want to use a different BTC starting amount, make sure to change the trading limit in the strategy and have 20 to 25 times that as initial BTC balance.

In case your portfolio value grows over time, adjust the trading limit proportionally.


The config file comes preconfigured as much as possible, change the items below with a text editor like Notepad++.
Make sure to not remove any , or ”
When you’re ready, copy the file to your gunbot folder and overwrite the existing config.js file.

“gunthy_wallet”: “YOUR_GUNTHY_WALLET”,

“binance”: {
“secret”: “YOUR_API_SECRET”,
“mastersecret”: “YOUR_API_SECRET”,

Is fully preconfigured, does not need any manual changes.
When you’re ready, copy the file to your gunbot folder and overwrite the existing autoconfig.json file.


Make sure the Gunbot core is running by keeping the value for “start” to true in config.js. It is like this by default though.


This setup is meant for educational purposes. Use at your own discretion. Trading is always risky, just because this setup has worked during tests does NOT mean it will keep working profitably in the future.
The strategy and pair selection criteria can surely be improved upon, running this setup in watch mode could give you a good idea of what’s going on and what could be improved.
BNB fees are not used in this setup. The standard fee rate of 0.1% is assumed.


I’d appreciate it if you do not contact me through personal messages about this free config example.

28 reviews for Binance BTC-alts config bundle

  1. Jarwa

    Jarwa (verified owner)

    Wanna ask some advice, My gunbot is pro edition and I’ve already put the file in to gunbot as the instructions. But until more the 12 hours there is no pairs added by gunbot. It said : the following pairs passed all filters for job BTC PnD reset: USDT-BTC. Max pairs is reached. Autoconfig won’t add more pairs. Running Autoconfig job BTC pump. Scan complete for job Add pairs. No pair passed all filters. Running autoconfig job btc pump…etc
    Is there any idea of this notification

  2. boekenbox



    The log output you describe all sounds normal. It’s very likely there are just no pairs matching the filter criteria to be added right now.

    This setup is not aggressive at all. Just let it run for a while and eventually it will begin adding pairs for you.

  3. Jarwa

    Jarwa (verified owner)

    ok thanks for your suggestion , I’l try it again

  4. RuloBTC

    Hello, about this bundle
    This does not load any balance in dashboard cause bot core is not started due “no trading pairs”
    Even if i start bot core adding usdt-btc (buy sell disabled) it does not show any balance in dashboard

    So started gunthy-win.exe and waiting for… I guess bot core will autostart when it will be adding trading pairs to trade?


  5. boekenbox



    By default, the bot core is started in the provided config.js file. As soon as it adds the first trading pair it would automatically start cycling it.

    If you somehow disabled the core, you can put it on again by changing the value for “start” in config.js to true.

    Manually adding pairs like USDT-BTC while using this setup is probably a bad idea. I would recommend you remove that pair again when you want to give this bundle a serious try.

  6. kryptopekka

    kryptopekka (verified owner)

    Very Nice!

  7. RuloBTC

    Finally after 36h checked config and it added pairs but it did not started bot core
    Started right now manually, all is ok

    Thanks again for your work

  8. QQQ

    QQQ (verified owner)

    Good configs to start with

  9. Jarwa

    Jarwa (verified owner)

    This is my first autoconfig, and I am happy to use, average 13 to 15 sells per day. Very useful

  10. H256

    H256 (verified owner)

    I downloaded this to see if it could be a nice “fire and forget” solution. And I have to say – yep it’s impressive and works out of the box.

    TLDR: I love it!

    ATM I’m using it on binance, hitbtc, kucoin, bittrex and kraken to select and trade pairs with micro-profits. The only thing that needs to be done is slight adjustments to volume and spread – these need to be set for each exchange.

    I have run this config for 5 days now and it made roughly 5% in gains, ranging from 0.43% – 2.70% a day, making about 13 Sells per day.

    Little tweaks to the TRADING_LIMIT, MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY and MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL have been done, since I always have only around 0.015 BTC in each account.

    A nice Autoconfig-Setup!

  11. ntsili

    ntsili (verified owner)

    Very nice

  12. Matesensei

    Matesensei (verified owner)


  13. MarkusMaehlmann

    MarkusMaehlmann (verified owner)


  14. erkie

    erkie (verified owner)

    Nice strategy

  15. barbarian

    barbarian (verified owner)

    Thanks much.
    Can I use it for bitfinex?

  16. Gunbotedward

    Gunbotedward (verified owner)


  17. thibaultderoque

    thibaultderoque (verified owner)

    Hi, very easy to use config for someone who don’t know how to program but work great.
    Is’it possible to add hedging to this config ?
    We will see how it work in the long term.
    Thank you a lot !

  18. cnmerc

    cnmerc (verified owner)

    I have been testing this configuration for 4 days, and it has given me a 3% yield, I would like to know how to make it a bit more aggressive.From already very grateful for his work.

  19. coinwalker

    coinwalker (verified owner)

    works very good and give me an idea, how strong autoconfigs are. it disabled buy perfect in latest BTC Crash
    if bnb should be used to pay fees i suggest the following:
    exclude bnb from disable pairs
    manually set override on bnb to: count sell: 9999 else it will be disabled after a successfull sell and removed

  20. RamaGL (verified owner)

    Es genial! Costó darme cuenta que necesitaba unas 12 hs de research automático, pero una vez que funcionó, más que feliz.

  21. Nuschnusch

    Nuschnusch (verified owner)

    It really does work greatly, however it might be a liiiiiiittle bit more aggressive. What could I change to reach that?
    Still, thanks so much for this great script!

  22. KingKongSize

    KingKongSize (verified owner)

    Love it, just been using it for a week, made it a bit more agressive with the gains

    thank you!

  23. CptBrilliance

    Looks like an awesome config, but can it work with Bittrex? Can I change the exchange in the config file?

  24. Aleksandr

    Aleksandr (verified owner)

    Works. I ask the creator to give recommendations on increasing profit margins. And the possibility of working on other exchanges.

  25. csmcc

    csmcc (verified owner)

    As a starting point for an auto-config template, this is good and I will be making use of it.

    As a daily driver unattended trade bot? I won’t. I’ve been running it in it’s “out of the box” state for 6 days. It’s currently sitting on around a 1% loss overall. At best, overall profit has been around 1.5%. The problem I find with it is that it’s too loose with it’s entry point. When it works, yes, it makes a small profit fairly quickly. But due to the loose entry selection, it buys at the wrong points too often and ends up with bags. The DCA settings do eventually recover the losses (so far), but it takes time. Usually a few days at least. And when it does eventually recover, you get almost no profit from it. Over time, due to the loose entry points, more and more coins end up in this “recovery” state and stop making profit. Mine currently has 8 bags it’s trying to unload. So I’m going to change a lot of the settings, and definitely the trade strategy. But keep the overall config template.

    A couple of other points worth knowing ….

    If you want to use this on OKEx, you will have to remove the two volatility filters the ticker filter uses. They don’t work on OKEx and it will never buy anything. No problems with those filters on Binance.

    Also, in it’s dump protection, it looks at the USDT-BTC price. You need to add excludes to exclude “USDT-BTCUP” and “USDT-BTCDOWN”. Otherwise it finds those and uses those as market dump protection, which you don’t want! I don’t think those two coins existed (they are leverage tokens – their value will jump differently to that of BTC itself and you’ll get dump shutoffs happening in your bot when they shouldn’t be) when the OP first posted the config here.

    TL;DR – This is good too learn about configs, but I’ not running it as it is. It also needs a couple of minor updates.

  26. Edyserpa

    Edyserpa (verified owner)

    Muito bom ­čśâ

  27. TidusKG

    TidusKG (verified owner)


  28. marlonT

    marlonT (verified owner)

    Very much appreciated. Learned a lot about configs

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