Bitmex_Testnet: Market Maker Config + AutoConfig Bundle Package

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New to Market Maker? Full Package. Bitmex_Testnet config + AutoConfig. Also contains trading results screenshots.

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This package is setup as a quiet little trade churner on XBTUSD. It is designed in mind to manage positions through DCA while incorporating Risk Management. This config has been explicitly setup for BITMEX_TESTNET so you can have a play and see how this config operates without losing rent money.

I started with the original version of this config on 6th January 2020 on Bitmex itself (2.5 months) and have slowly been tuning and bug fixing over a variety of markets to achieve 99.9% uptime and automation so far.

AutoConfig Features:
– Trend Detection
– Liquidation Price tracking
– ROE trailing
– Position Size Risk Management
– Bag Handling Method: DCA (dollar cost averaging)

Setup Instructions:
– This config is “as is” for BITMEX_TESTNET. There are no changes required to any strategy settings
– Do NOT attempt to change strategy settings (even TL). AutoConfig will override your changes.
– Add your BITMEX_TESTNET API keys
– Add in your GUNTHY wallet details
– Add in Telegram details (if needed)
– Start the bot.
– Let the bot run for 60mins. This is to allow Autoconfig to gather enough “snapshot” data. Once completed, the bot will automatically start trading.

– Trading on Margin/Future has high risk. Don’t trade with rent money
– This IS NOT a lambo config
– This IS NOT a 1% daily ROI setup.
– Autoconfig uses Snapshot Data collection schedule. If you turn the bot off for any length of time, this can badly affect performance for Autoconfig’s Trend Detection.
– Config is compatible with BITMEX. If you understand how to edit config.js and autoconfig.json, all you need to do is replace all instances of “bitmex_testnet” with “bitmex” and add in your Bitmex API keys

Feedback is welcome.

This setup is meant for educational purposes and is not financial advice. Use at your own discretion. Trading is always risky. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Don’t trade with money you cant afford to lose!!

4 reviews for Bitmex_Testnet: Market Maker Config + AutoConfig Bundle Package

  1. CryptoDailyTrading

    CryptoDailyTrading (verified owner)

    Definitely recommend trying out this config. I have been running it on testnet for a week now and every day was closed in profit. Just switched to rmex and so far everything seems to be running great as-well. Trashdog isn’t taking his risk management lightly, that’s for sure. A lot of thought and effort has gone into this config. Thanks man!

  2. Nofayro (verified owner)

    I have been running these “config” on Bitmex for a few days and the results are super amazing !! the market Trend Detection is doing great job .
    But the most amazing thing is the support from Trashdog. He has really done a lot of work on this “config” it to make it as it is now.
    Thanks a lot Trashdog for all that work

  3. dobcrypto

    dobcrypto (verified owner)

    It works like a Swiss watch.
    Thx a lot to Trashdog for suuport and solve some problem.

  4. Cryptoman2606

    Cryptoman2606 (verified owner)

    The strategy display errors on the grid and doesn’t put orders

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