BTC-ALTS Scalper (Binance)

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Seller : Anon

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Config bundle that automatically selects BTC-ALT pairs on Binance and does tiny scalp trades, with dynamically set targets.

The past few days this setup has managed to do about 30 buy/sell trades per day, fully automated.


How pairs are selected

  • Medium to high volume coins only
  • low sat valued coins excluded
  • no pairs that already increased > 10% in last 24h
  • price must be in lower 35% of a 100 period linear regression channel. Due to 100 snapshots being collected in 5m intervals, it takes about 8h before this setup will add its first pair
  • price must at least have moved at around 1% during the last hour and at around 0.4% in the last 20 minutes


Dynamically set strategy targets

  • pp buy target set 0.35% below current bid
  • sell target: 0.5%
  • DU buydown: set around first support on a 15m chart
  • TM buy range (for DU only) set at 10% of distance between first support and resistance


I’m feeling lucky mode 😂

If you use the autoconfig.json from the “I’m feeling lucky folder”, the gain target is randomly set between 0.5% and the first resistance level.


7 reviews for BTC-ALTS Scalper (Binance)

  1. jesus

    jesus (verified owner)

    Hi, I tried it for more than 24h and it is not working properly. The thing is that after 8h it selected some pairs but the problem begun when after hours taking diferent kind of pairs, didnt buy any of them. I dont know if this is because of the 0.35% PP buy level or because another thing is happening. I didnt change any of the configuration excpet for my wallet and the trading limit.

  2. sophant

    sophant (verified owner)

    It is still under test, I’will update the results in one month

  3. sophant

    sophant (verified owner)

    Automatic buy price and DU level do not work

  4. cryptoknowledge24h

    cryptoknowledge24h (verified owner)

    doing what it’s supposed to do, making profit during uptrends, keeping low level during downtrends. maybe an idea to adjust some code, when price has dumped, to profit from the bounceback. now it waits a bit too long and by then the price is stable again

  5. snowy1902

    snowy1902 (verified owner)

    No issues

  6. drumtech


    ty Anon @drmtch

  7. marlonT

    marlonT (verified owner)

    Thank you. It worked well. A nice help for people learning about autoconfigs

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