MOTO LIFEVEST – Motion of the Ocean: Let’s Ride the Waves

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13,223 GUNTHY

Seller : Zy0n

Goal of this AC JOB. Provide smarter DCA for Market Maker: MOTION_OF_THE_OCEAN
What this WONT do: Give you insane profits.
What this WILL do: Make MOTO DCA smarter during huge volatility swings.


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Everybody needs a LifeVest!

Automatically manages your MOTO_DCA_PERC for optimal performance!

Newly added Risk Management features as well! (Auto Reduction Management System): LifevestARMS


Heres the close on that trade.
some decent results
some decent results
Blue arrow was avgEntryPrice
Blue arrow was avgEntryPrice


xmr closed as i was writing this for 50$ gain
xmr closed as i was writing this for 50$ gain


This Auto-Config JOB has been configured to operate independently. If you desire to use with other pairs, USE EXCLUDES if you believe there will be issues.

Please follow the links in the readme to join the telegram channel. Usage Support and Future Updates will be handled in there.

8 reviews for MOTO LIFEVEST – Motion of the Ocean: Let’s Ride the Waves

  1. mpey2953

    simple yet brilliant approach, excellent aftersales support. MUST HAVE.

  2. Phoenix


    Running it for 8 days and seems like it’s close to rekt proof. Steady gains everyday in both short and long positions while you can sleep safe at night! Works for all wallet sizes. Great development of the autoconfig since the start. The seller answers any questions we may have along the way. Recommended!

  3. PK123


    I’ve been running this strat for 4 days now. Impressed with the results. It feels super safe. LV allows MOTO to execute DCA’s in a very sophisticated, intelligent way, making it resilient against all market tides. Moreover, I was able to cover a >15 % price increase with LINK using LV – not many strats can do this. In addition, LV offers liquidation protection and steps in if your liq price is too close. All in all very promising if you ask me. Also: zy0nbear and Harsh offer both great support. Thanks again!

  4. dextro


    The best way to get the most out each DCA opportunity. Also has compounding of profits and smart position sizing. Great support from the seller. This should definitely be a part of your Gunbot toolbox!

  5. Hans

    Brilliant Tool that helps you sleep at night.
    Slow steady gains no matter if the market is with or against you.
    Excellent Telegram Group with ongoing support on every question that may arise.
    Really recommended!

  6. qim


    After some headache with plain MOTO I decided to buy this AC and never regreted. It´s a fantastic tool and a real lifesaver. A must in your GB toolbox!
    The AC comes also with an awesome telegram support group, where everything will explained, if you have questions.
    Absolutely recommended!

  7. H256


    It is better not to sail the rough oceans of Binance Futures without a life jacket! And that is exactly what this AC does. It protects you and your hard earned (or traded) money from drowning!

    You get a great AC setup, tuned for Binance Futures, plus a very active telegram channel for buyers.

    And the thing works great!

  8. Apprentice


    Recommended AC for MOTO, can be configured to different strategies based on your trading style. Can be tuned to your safety+risk+profit expectations levels.
    Steady profits.
    Great dev community.
    highly recommended.

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