Positive ROE trails stops autoconfig – setup for binance futures

3,000 GUNTHY

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There are 3 forms included:

1: hard positive trail for 50x

2: hard positive trail for 20x

3: hard stops until about 200 ROE for 20x (200 ROE is 10%)


When > 5-10 ROE, breakeven is set at 3 (fees are 1 ROE)

At additional points, it will add additional hard stops.

There are no overlaps to ensure you don’t have a cross from one ROE range to another.

When you’re out of an order, this will reset your stoploss as normal. All of this can be configured as noted.



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So, gunbot trailing is a work in progress. What I enabled was a positive stoploss through autoconfig jobs. As setup, it will work across binance futures all pairs. I’ve validated this on 20.2.9 RC.

What this will do:

force a hard positive stoploss so that you don’t go negative. This is specifically set for 20x margins specifically, so you need to add about 50% to every ROE value if you want 50x. I made a 50x lazy trail, but if you want all the stops it’ll take m longer to update. I recommend setting:


within your strategy so that this triggers quickly.

This will also reset your stoploss value after you’re out of a trade.  So long as you can get to 5-10 ROE, you will never have a negative trade if it goes green.  I’ll add a separate trail later.

Example trade:


UNI 2020-10-13



Example of what this looks like from gui:

So, this was set at 70 ROE and it was set to close if it crossed under 60. Which it did.

Console version:

console outputtrailing XTZ


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