Top volume trading pairs

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Basic Autoconfig jobs that automatically adds / removes top volume BTC pairs on Binance, excluding low sat pairs and pairs with a bid/ask spread higher than 0.4%.

The addPairs job will take care of the maximum allowed number of active pairs, in this config it is set to 10.

As soon as pairs no longer meet those criteria, and have been in the config for more than an hour, they are automatically removed.

If you own a bag worth more than “min volume to sell”, pairs will be kept in config.


7 reviews for Top volume trading pairs

  1. Matesensei

    Matesensei (verified owner)

    Thank you for your work and help! Great support!

  2. cryptico

    cryptico (verified owner)

    Excelent config! thanks!!!

  3. davinci

    davinci (verified owner)

    Great app

  4. zouppa

    zouppa (verified owner)

    Works perfectly

  5. cnmerc

    cnmerc (verified owner)

    Muchas gracias, por su aporte, me deja claro algunas dudas sobre el uso del autoconfig

  6. drumtech


    ty @drmtch

  7. marlonT

    marlonT (verified owner)

    This worked well. Thank you very much. Very much appreciated.

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